Producer, Mixer, Collaborator.

Specialising in Contemporary Genres and working remotely

Hey, I'm Dylan. I'm a producer, artist, engineer, DJ.

I fell into recording and producing in 2014 by accident while on a working gap year (I wonder if they're still holding my spot for that Criminology/Psychology Degree..)

I bought an interface because I wanted to be able to jam with myself. You can hear my first ever recording here, it's called 'assin'.

From there I studied a Diploma of Sound Production, and then moved on to complete a Bachelor of Contemporary Music Practice. My time there was invaluable, I learned a lot about music, recording, project management, and more importantly I made a lot of cool friends.

Over the last 7 years I've focused almost all of my time and energy into making, playing, recording, and mixing music. It's frustratingly all I can think about at almost all times of the day.


I've been able to work on some amazing projects with some very talented people. I love being involved in all parts of the process, working with artists to write, create, record, mix, and see their music go out into the world.