Writing and Artist Development

My biggest love is working with and developing new artists. Creating music is the reason I got into this, and working with talented and passionate artists and writers is the best part of my job. No worries if you're on the other side of the world either, we can still work together.

Engineering and Producing

Let's get together and work on your track. We can meet at a studio, or you can come to mine, or we can meet over Zoom and work. All I want is to help you write, arrange and engineer your music so that it's ready to kick whatever goals you have.

Mixing and Mastering

There nothing worse than an amazing song being brought down by less than amazing mixing. I obsess over the details and work hard to make sure that every track that leaves my studio is hard, soft, heavy, light, smooth, big, and wide in all the right places. Send me your stems and parts and I can do the editing, and final mix for you.

Official Remixes

Have you just released or are about to? Do you need more content or ways to make the most of your release. Let me do a remix for you! Remixes are a great way of introducing new fans to your music, as well as increase streams.