Hey, congratulations!


You have found my instrumentals online, and now you have access to this amazing resource for your releases. I hope you have as much fun with them as I do when I am creating them. Please make sure you have read through the license agreement included.

I am putting these instrumentals out for free because I have too many to know what to do with, and they do not necessarily fit the projects I am working on.


You can access the playlist of all the instrumentals on my YouTube Playlist. And in the description of each video is a download link.

If you need untagged WAV files, or stems. They are all available for purchase at my store.


Also, I thought I should add that if you need help with any other music/audio services. My team and I are available to help. This includes:

  • Custom instrumentals,

  • Editing and Mixing services,

  • Co-writing

  • Artist development

  • Consultations regarding branding, goal setting, direction, business management.

  • Content creation

You can reach me at softnylonmusic@gmail.com


I also release my own music; I’d appreciate a follow on Spotify.

And feel free to connect with me on Instagram at @softnylon.


I look forward to hearing what you make with these productions. Make sure you tag me on Instagram or email when you release something.